The most recent inventory of work. Each piece has a story, my hope is that it resonates with you. 


Crown of Thorns

These wheel thrown vases feature hand built intricate detail surrounding the top them with dramatic thorns. They are a beautiful representation of the gospel and the crown Christ wore for each of us, bearing the weight of all sin. These vases can hold flowers, or stand as statement pieces on their own.



Hand thrown functional pieces from mugs, to vases, to chip and dip bowls. These pieces are classics and make a beautiful addition to any cupboard, dining table, or as home decor. Colors, sizes, and sets are all customizable. All pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe. Eat, wash and enjoy! 


Beautifully Broken

This line of work features wheel thrown work intentionally altered at different stages of the clay process. Instead of hiding the brokenness they accent it. Similar to how we should treat our own imperfections, these pieces represent raw beauty shining through even the most severe damage.