from the ground up

My name is Shannon Eichorst and I am currently a biology major at the University of South Carolina and looking onward to my masters in teaching high school. My wonderful fiancé, Campbell, works as a financial consultant for PWC in Columbia, SC and also as my very own businessman. We are very excited for our wedding this coming November.

I have been working behind the wheel for quite some years now, but most recently have felt called to bring this dream of owning a small business to life.

I have a huge heart for things in the home being long living, sustainable, and life giving to the users. All of my pottery is 100% handmade from the clay in the very ground we walk on in the Carolina’s. It is hearty and made to be loved for generations. It is also designed to be functional and affordable so that everybody wins.

I would love to know you and honored to have my handiwork in your home, so please send me messages and let me know all the ways that you would like to see the dust turn to art.